Investment Management

The importance of financial guidance: Building an investment portfolio designed to address your unique long-term goals is a complex process that requires knowledge, experience, dedication, and expertise – all qualities you should demand from anyone you’ve entrusted to oversee your financial course toward retirement. Portfolio management is both science and an art form that blends the best of research, analysis, and understanding of each client’s temperament and desires. For investors in today’s ever-changing markets, our professional guidance can provide the added confidence to help you pursue your financial goals.

The investment consulting process:  As your investment guide and partner, we are committed to helping you accomplish your personal objectives. Based on a thorough understanding of your investment history, current assets and liabilities, income and tax situation, and other factors, we will work together to create a customized investment plan designed for you. We will take you through the investment consulting process that is designed to keep your investment plans aligned with your personal goals.

Ongoing consulting and communication:  Our guidance doesn’t end once your assets are invested. We’ll continue to review and evaluate your investment strategy and apply the latest research, economic trends, and strategies to ensure your investments remain aligned with your goals. We provide investment education, financial guidance, and communication through regular meetings, discussions, and high-touch technology services.  As your needs change, we’ll be there to help you evaluate and discuss alternative courses of action.

Client Reviews

Ongoing Communication

  • What’s new in your life?
  • What’s on your mind?
  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Provide economic update and outlook
  • Update on performance
  • Discuss tax harvesting opportunities
  • New planning opportunities
  • Other relevant topics
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Monthly statement of holdings
  • In-office meetings or web-conferencing
  • Investment education workshops and events
  • Online account access and personal website

Personal relationship, national reach: We offer personal service to a select group of clients but we are enabled by LPL Financial, which provides independent, objective investment research and wealth management expertise.

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